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2 deUtschE in EngLanD


2 Deutsche sind in England und führen eine Unterhaltung


A: Hello, Sir! How goes it you?
B: Oh, thank you for the afterquestion.
A: Are your already long here?
B: No, first a pair days. I'm not out London.
A: Thunderweather, that overrushes me, you see not so out.
B: That can yes beforecome. But now what other: my hairs stood to mountains as I the traffic saw. So much cars gives it here.
A: You are heavy on the woodway if you believe that in London horsedroveworks go.
B: Will we now drink a beer? My throat is outdried. But look, there is a guesthouse, let us there man go!
A: That is a good idea. Equal goes it loose, I will only my shoeband close.
B: Here we are. Make me please the door open.
A: But there is a beforehangingcastle, the economy is to. How sorry! Then I will go back to the hotel, it is already retard. On againsee!
B: Oh, yes, I will too go. I must become my draught to Bristol. Auf Wiedersehen!
A: Nanu, sie sind Deutscher?
B: Ja, sie auch? Das wundert mich aber. Ihr Englisch ist so hervorragend, dass ich es gar nicht bemerkt hätte ...
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